Mission Statement

Sonoma Safe Ag Safe Schools (Sonoma SASS) is a coalition of community organizations paving the way for safer land management policies especially around our schools and communities. Working to protect public health and the environment, Sonoma SASS raises public awareness and provides community education to work toward replacing synthetic pesticides with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives. 

The Sonoma SASS coalition includes a broad group of Sonoma County non-profit organizations. The coalition convened in 2018 with the goal of coordinating efforts to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, etc.) in Sonoma County. Each of the Sonoma SASS organizations approaches the issue of pesticide use from a different lens (workers safety/rights, environmental justice, watershed protection, environmental stewardship, public health, etc.) using different approaches (community education, political action, direct action, etc.) The broad base and diversity of our coalition strengthens our campaigns.