Toxic Free Cities

9/24/19 Rohnert Park Council votes to discontinue the use of glyphosate and to maintain an Anticipated Pesticide Application Calendar.

8/13/19 Cotati City Council votes to ban glyphosate and to prepare a plan to ban all synthetic pesticides on city property.

6/4/19 Sonoma County Supervisors ban synthetic weedkillers on publicly accessible County-owned land

1/5/19 City of Sonoma bans glyphosate on city-owned land

9/5/18 Town of Windsor bans all synthetic pesticides

8/22/18 Santa Rosa bans synthetic pesticides in city landscape contract 

1/8/18 Santa Rosa City Schools ban synthetic herbicides

5/1/2000 Sebastopol becomes the first city in Sonoma County to ban synthetic pesticides

Want to get synthetic pesticides out of your favorite public space? Check out our  Toxic Free Future Toolkit

Windsor Town Council synthetic pesticide ban in 2018